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The best way to immerse yourself in nature and the landscape is by walking, and in and around Orduña there are many different possibilities. Before you put your boots on, find out more about possible trails.

The town of Orduña is located on the floor of an open valley, with the mountainous barriers of the Sierra Gibijo and Sierra Sálvada ridges creating a kind of tray. The routes we are going to propose here are all in spaces that form part of the NATURA 2000 network, which is an international recognition in terms of environmental diversity.

Here there are two protected areas for birds, the Sierra Sálvada and the Monte Santiago; and three designated areas of local interest: the Monte Santiago, ARCAMO-Gibijo-Arrastaria and the Valle de Mena.

Thanks to its exceptional ecological values and variety of habitats, the Sierra Sálvada ridge is home to cliff-nesting birds, and is one of the bird spotting zones in the Birding Euskadi network. May your binoculars be with you on your walk!

On these routes you can also come into contact with moments from history, for example the Civil War front, and the long-distance trading routes that were responsible for the rise and affluence of the medieval Basque market towns.

The crests of these two mountain ridges offer very special spaces for easy to moderate trekking, with trails that offer pleasure at every footstep, and at every summit fabulous viewpoints like San Pedro-Askuren, Txarlazo, Bedarbide, Iturrigorri, Ungino and Eskutzi await you.

However, the site where the two ridges meet is without a doubt the most striking and best known in the area. Here, at rainy times of year, you will find the Nervión Falls, one of Western Europe’s highest waterfalls. Over 270 m above the Arrastaria Valley, this waterfall is a true natural spectacle. We propose two routes to reach the top of the Nervión Falls; one that starts in Alava province, and another that begins in Burgos province.

The slopes, valley and villages of the Ruzabal district offer possibilities for accessible trekking, with varied levels of difficulty. To choose one, see the Orduña local pathway network. Another option is the Delika Gorge Green Route which will take you along the river towards the bottom of the Nervión Falls.

As you can see, there is a range of options, made to measure for every plan.

Go to our Wikiloc profile and choose yours!