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The Land of Sálvada



Nervión Viewing-point

Visit this incredible sight!

There are few places which are so impressive and at the same time, so easy to get to. You can park your car just 15 minutes walk away from this breath-taking balcony. This viewing point juts out into nothingness, and from here you can spy the depths of the Delika canyon, an impacting vision in its own right. Add to this the possibility, in rainy weather or during the spring melt water, of seeing the 223 metres of the highest free-falling waterfall on the Iberian peninsula, and you won't want to miss this visit. If the cascade is dry, don't cross it off your list of things to see - just come back another time!.


From Orduña, take the BU-625, and once you have crowned the pass, carry on for another kilometre and a half.

On the left you will see a well-signposted entrance to the Monte Santiago, classified as a natural monument and the site of the viewing point.

There are three car parks here and, whether you want to go hiking or simply visit the viewing point, we recommend you drive as far as the third car park, although if you want to park here in high season, you have to get up early to find a space.

From here, the viewing point is a 15-minute walk away.

Parking is not permitted in the two internal car park in snowy or icy weather.

Don't miss a visit to the park house.

Suggested route:


  • Nervión Viewing point
  • Gujuli Viewing point
  • San Miguel Cascade
Nervión Cascade - circular walk

Car Trip around Sopeña

From Ruzabal to Maroña with Sálvada as a backdrop

Clear, bright days are the perfect moment to take this car trip, with plenty of stops along the way in each hamlet, to take in the sights and enjoy this gorgeous scenery.

The route begins in Orduña, taking the A3931 towards the Santuario de la Antigua (an old shrine) and on, through the various villages and neighbourhoods, or branching off the road, in the case of Lendoñogoiti and Mendeika. In Lendoñobeiti you should visit the mill and the Poza chapel, where Licenciado Poza originated.

If you fancy a short walk to round off your day, we suggest you stroll from Lendoñobeiti to Lendoñogoiti, or when you get to Mendeika, carry on to Babio and take in the amazing views towards Ayala.

See map

Live the forest

Orduña invites you to escape and disconnect in a magical place where the only sounds are the rustling leaves and birdsong.

More and more people take to the woods in search of an escape from the stress of city life. This practice is known as "forest bathing" or Shinrin-Yoku, is recommended by more and more medical professionals for its therapeutic properties.

In Sierra Sálvada you will encounter beech woods which guard in their depths a universe of peace. Visit the woods each season and see how they change. Get to know their nature and unwind in their presence.

All this is made possible by following the network of footpaths across Monte Santiago, or climbing up to the peaks of Txarlazo or Iturrigorri.


At the foot of the gorge

Discover hidden treasure

Another surprising wild destination is the Tertanga gorge, one of the four small villages which make up Arrastaria township and accessible from the BU-625 just before you start to climb the Orduña pass, on the right-hand side.

Take a walk as far as the path allows and contemplate the limestone outcrop of the Fraideburu. You'll get the feeling you have just stumbled on something fantastic - a real hidden treasure.


Spring botanical walk

Tiny colours

Because we sit between the two climates of the Sierra Sálvada mountain range - the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, our botany is rich and diverse.

If you would like to share in this floral and vegetable diversity, then spring is the best time to do so. Bring a magnifying glass and take a stroll from the Santuario de la Antigua to the top of the Txarlazo. On your way up you will encounter holly bushes, wild orchids, ferns and mountain valerian; around the Goldetxo spring there are insect-eating plants, and once you have crossed the Goldetxo pass you will find broom, thrift and rock roses.

When you reach the summit, walk up to the monument to the Virgen de la Antigua and enjoy the views over the valley.

Landscape Calendar



  • Salto del Nervión - waterfalls
  • Botanical stroll up to the Txarlazo
  • Discover the lightness of the beech forests of Monte Santiago
  • Walks through the valley of Orduña and Arrastaria


  • Climb the Iturrigorri, the prow of the Sálvada
  • Discover the freshness of the Cañón de Delika


  • The beech forest - naturally!


  • Waterfalls at the Salto del Nervión
  • Discover the nostalgic white scenery of the beech forest

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All you have to do is record on film or video the most spectacular scenes each season has to offer, and send them to us at

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