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An artistic and historical land


Historical-Monumental centre

Orduña surprises its visitors with its history, its uniqueness and its curiosities. Without a shadow of doubt, Orduña is one of the most historically important municipalities in the whole of Biscay. Join a guided tour to best learn about the town's artistic and monumental heritage, notably the late Gothic altarpiece to San Pedro, and the sentry round about the fortified church. Don't miss it.


(Advance bookings only)


Orduña audiotour

In this guide we present the layout of the route in which you will find the numbered plates that will indicate where to stand , then just press the relevant number on the handset for each one. You can do it in two ways: One is renting the audio players at the tourist office, for which it is recommended that you book beforehand to ensure that the handsets you need are available for your visit. The other way is autonomously, downloading the audio from any mobile device of your own.




In Orduña we have taken the step towards inclusion with an accessible itinerary and audio guides for people with visual, cognitive or hearing difficulties. Come to visit us and you will be able to enjoy, through the new audios that we offer in the totems, the important heritage of the medieval city of Orduña. 



Santuario de la Antigua

Your visit to Orduña must include a trip to the sanctuary de la Antigua, the patron saint of Orduña and Arrastaria, the hamlets which share the valley.

The sanctuary is open every day of the year, from 11am to 7pm.

The Otxomaios fiestas are held in honour of the patron saint and people dance entradillas, the typical dance of the Arrastaria homage to the Virgen.

This ritual goes back to the Middle Ages and gave rise, at the start of the 20th century to the construction of an monument in her honour on the summit of the Txarlazo.

It was at the foot of this emblematic sanctuary that the first settlement of Orduña appeared, and the town's lik¡nks with pagan and mythological beliefs is notorious.

We also offer guided tours of the sanctuary.


(Advance bookings only)


Ruzabal Hamlets

The city and its hamlets" are mentioned over and over again in the historical documents of the lands of Orduña. Thus the difference between the urban and rural communities was defined and the rich historical heritage of the latter, set in its incomparable natural surroundings has remained ever since. Drive around the valley by car, stopping at the churches and chapels, each one a milestone on your journey of discovery.


(Advance bookings only)


Art in Orduña

The Plaza de los Fueros shelters artworks between the arches of its arcade. This emblematic feature of the Orduña Old Town is enhanced even more by a collection of 14 murals painted by well-known artists. Don't miss the chance to discover and enjoy the art of Orduña, whether by yourself or on a guided tour.


(Advance bookings only)


Orduña in Paperback

The intriguing, exciting history of Orduña has served as both inspriation and backdrop for a series of novels. If you have ever read any of the following - "El ayalés" (The Man from Ayala) or "El inquilino del balneario de Orduña" (The Tennant of the Orduña Spa) by José Luis Urrutia, "La abadesa" (The Abbess) and "La calle de la judería" (The Jewish Quarter) by Toti Martínez de Lezea, "Luz de carburo" (Gaslight) by MªDolores Azurmendi, or "Mentir es encender fuego" (Lying is lighting fires) by Francisco Penera, - then come and discover the town which inspired all these stories.

Don't miss...
  • 18th - Piñata Sunday: concert
  • 29th March to 2nd April. Easter: exhibitions of religious icons, processions and a programme of guided tours
  • 4th to 13th - OTXOMAIOAK: fiestas in honour of our patron saint
  • St John's Eve
  • Open-air painting competition
  • Santiago's Day: traditional open-air festivities on the Txarlazo.
  • Urdufolk
  • Antiques fair
  • Coronation parties
  • European Heritage Days
  • Musical week