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ORDUÑA, one of a kind

You are about to discover an amazing, unique, surprising land: Orduña.

Located in the Autonomous Basque Community, Orduña takes pride in its culture and traditions, in its history and scenery, to offer an unmissable tourist destination in the greenest, most natural part of the Basque Country.

This is Biscay, surrounded on all sides by the territories of Alaba and Castille to form a geographical island. This peculiarity has defined the idiosyncrasy of the town and townsfolk of Orduña down through the ages.

Since it was founded in 1229 until the 19th century, Orduña was a strategic settlement in terms of both defence and commerce. This town with its Customs post, was named City in the 15th century, making it unique in the whole of the province of Biscay.

Its important past has left an indelible mark on the old town, which was officially declared a Historical and Monumental Centre back in 1997.

Orduña's Medieval layout, with all its streets converging on the Plaza de los Fueros, the nerve-centre of the city, has surely contributed to the fact that its inhabitants are incredibly sociable and great lovers of life in the streets.

Urban life fuses with rural life in the four villages which make up a community in its own right, Junta de Ruzabal: Lendoñogoiti, Lendoñobeiti, Mendeika and Belandia, in the foothills of the Sierra Sálvada. This incredible landscape is inhabited by people whose lives are bound to the land, the same people who have preserved a valuable cultural heritage in the form of their farmsteads, shrines, chapels and mills.

A beautiful old town in the midst of one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the Basque Country, the Sierra Sálvada. What more could you ask for? An exquisite culinary offer of mouth-watering local produce...adventure spa hotel...everything you need to pamper yourself for a few incredible days.

Come and see us in Orduña and get ready to enjoy a wonderful historic town, set in gorgeous scenery filled with unexpected surprises. In this website you will discover a whole range of offers. Choose the one you like the most, and come and explore a territory which will definitely leave its mark.


The inhabitants of Orduña, conscious of how privileged they are to live here and to be heirs to the history and heritage of the City, look on life through their own particular prism. Find out who they are and what they are like, become one with nature and lose yourself among the kindly townsfolk whilst enjoying a typical drink ...or two.

Enjoy your stay!