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A Land of Flavours


Sweet Orduña

Traditional Baking

Surprise yourself when you discover the two, centuries-old baker's shops in the arcade surrounding the main square in Orduña. They both still offer customers their delicious cakes and pastries made in the same traditional way that generations before them used.

These baker's are obligatory visits when you come to Orduña. All home-made. All artesan. All exquisite.


Confitería Larrea

The first thing you notice about this shop is its facade and the decoration of its interior. It has kept the charm and the decor of traditional 19th century shops, including its shop window, its counter and its fixtures and fittings...true to its beginnings as far back as 1834.

Everything on sale is homemade and if we have to pick some of the specialities, they would be the chocolates, "sobaos" (sponge fingers) and "bizcochos krok" (millefeuille) during the year, and "turrones" (soft almond nougat) and truffles at Christmas.

Closed on Mondays


Mantecada Badillo

If there is one thing you must not miss on your visit to Orduña, that would be Badillo shortbread. This family business has been going for a century and the product it offers, just as it says on the wrapper, is "inimitable". Just like Larrea, next door, at Christmas their turrón is also a must.

Closed on Wednesdays and the month of July.



Pintxo bars

The streets in the old town house a good number of pubs and bars where you can try a pintxo or two, these famed examples of Basque cuisine.

If you are looking for a new experience, join the Orduña pub-crawl - a great way to get to know the way of life of the locals.

Pintxopote - pub and grub crawls

Bars offer their visitors an accompaniment to their drink (pote) in the shape f a specially-priced pintxo. In Orduña, pintxopote is celebrated on Friday evenings between 8 and 11pm.


Perretxiko "The Mushroom of Orduña"

"Calocybe Gambosa" is the most highly prized fungus in our culinary arts. Here in Orduña, it constitutes the raw material for the most typical local dish, the simple but exquisite "Scrambled Perretxiko" which, of course, takes pride of place on the menu every year at the Otxomaioa fiestas.

Add to this the value placed on their organoleptic qualities, as your senses are awakened by the traces bequeathed by the soil and climate of our surroundings, and you might begin to appreciate what people mean by "The Mushroom of Orduña".

If you visit us in the spring, and especially in the month of May, you should not leave without trying a dish of scrambled eggs with perretxiko, whether at a table in a restaurant, or standing at the bat in the old town.

At the end of May our restaurateurs celebrate the Perretxiko Conference, including a fungus-trek, and a competition to find the best pintxo based on the perretxiko itself. It's an unmissable opportunity to try this manna from Orduña.


Local Produce

If you prefer healthy, natural eating, you must take home some of the local produce, on sale in Orduña.


Locally produced ecological jams and juices:

  • Sta. Clara Baserria - Telf.: 660 491 001
  • Bº Poza,1 – Lendoñobeiti – Telf.: 669 362 980
  • OILOBIDE EGGS (Ainhoa Álava)
  • Bº Poza,1 – Lendoñobeiti – Telf.: 669 362 980
  • Ecological eggs
  • Comercializa a través de HOBEA – Telf.: 696 564 509
  • VEGETABLES LANDETXE (Bittor Elorriaga)
  • Bº Ukerria, 2 - Telf.: 697 222 913
  • Paseo del Prado, 19 - Telf.: 628 887 423

Local Produce Farmer's Markets:

  • Asoc. de Productores y Productoras de Orduña.

If you would like to taste the flavours of Orduña, then the first Saturday of every month you have the chance to meet and talk to local producers at the Farmers' market in the Plaza de los Fueros.

Tourist Information Office:

Come and discover our local produce in the Gourmet Txoko in our offices!


Guided Tours of Km 0 Centres:


Live a new taste experience and visit our soft fruit farm. Try our home-made, ecological jams and juices.

One of our important projects is the recuperation of the wild gooseberry. Our methods of production and preparation have earned us a palce in the Slow Food movement's "Taste Trunk".


Barraskibide is the first farm in the Basque Country specialised in ecological snail breeding.

Come and visit us between March and October and see what we do here. Don't miss this chance to find out about a form of snail production which is totally respectful of the biological processes involved.


This young ecological farming venture is the biggest of its kind in the Nervión basin.

It specialises in seasonal produce and the recuperation of local crops, such as Delika sweet corn. This is sustainability as it should be - meet Bittor and find out all about it.

Bº Ukerria, 2 – Telf.:697 222 913



The green of our wines is no surprise, but the result of a long-fought struggle with the adverse climate to produce a sweet-enough grape. This is what makes our txakoli so special - a wine elaborated with age-old native strains whose character has been formed by our climate, and whose roots go back to the Middle Ages. This fine base, coupled with the hard work of our wine experts, has produced a wine we are proud to export around the world.

In Orduña and the valley there are various producers of this wine - our wine.

Here you can discover its secrets, taste it, enjoy it alone or paired with food, buy it to take home with you along with your memories or to give as a present to someone you appreciate and who you know will appreciate it.


Visit the Gure Ahaleginak winery. Tasting and a tapa; wine-tasting courses offered.

Please reserve in advance: Phone No. Telf: 605 746 277 / 658 744 181 / / / Telf.: 616 574 132


  •  Straight from the local farmers (ring before you go)

    Gure Ahaleginak - Barrio ibazurra, 1 – Phone No.: 945 384 126

    Llarena – Eras de Polancos, 13 – Phone No.: 945 384 300

    Antiguako Ama – Ctra. Burgos, 9 – Phone No.: 945 384 097 (They also produce txakoli vinegar)

  • - In the local shop
  • - In the Tourist Information Office
  • - In markets and fairs (check our Tasting Dates for your Diary)
  • WHERE TO TASTE AND TRY - Ask for it by name in the bars and restaurants in the Old Town.

Basque tart

This is a classic of Basque cuisine, offered to you by Arantza Meabe, whose home-made tarts have won prizes and well-deserved accolades.

It is a miracle that something with such humble origins has become one of the favourite desserts on any Basque menu.


  • In the farmers' market on the first Saturday of every month.
  • Order one, straight from the baker (Obrador Pastelería Artesana Arantzazu, Ctra. Zedelika, 27 - Phone No.: 945 384 353) or from the Tourist Information Office. Phone No.: 945 384 384
Tasting dates for your diary...
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • 18th - Pub Crawl and communal sing-song (Oilarrak)
  • First Saturday: Farmers'market
  • 2nd and 4th - Gustoko Festival (BEC Bilbao) URDUÑAKO ZAPOREAK (Flavours of Orduña). Exhibition and sale of local produce
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • 28th - Local and ecological produce fair
  • Culinary competition: Pil-pil cod and Spanish omelette
  • Perretxiko Festival
  • 9th - Pub Crawl and communal sing-song (Oilarrak)
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • 24th - San Juan fair
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • Culinary competition: Marmitako
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • Mushroom Fair and tasting
  • First Saturday: Farmers' market
  • Basque Language Day - 1st weekend - Pub Crawl and communal sing-song (Oilarrak)
  • Mercado de producto local especial de Navidad
  • Día 25 - Poteo cantado Oilarrak
  • Every Friday from 8pm to 10.30 PINTXOPOTE (drinks and tapas at special prices)
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: PUB CRAWL around the old town