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For those looking for a bit of adventure in the open air, the Sierra Gibijo and Sierra Gorobel-Sálvada ridges offer the chance to do some real trekking, traversing their crests along paths and trails over the course of a number of days.


However, you don’t have to go so far. We also propose 4 more accessible routes on the Gibijo and Sálvada ridges, where you can enjoy the spectacular views.

Untza-cresterío-Nervión falls route

This trail, of low difficulty, departs from Untza and brings us close to what is, during rainy seasons, the highest waterfall on the Iberian Peninsula: the Nervión Falls, seen from the Alava side.

From Orduña, take the A-2521 road to Vitoria, past the Barrerilla Pass. Once on the plateau, on the right is the village of Unzá/Untzaga. Go through the village as far as the car park, which is where the route starts.

Download Wikiloc Route between the Monte Santiago balconies: the Nervión falls

This option starts inside Burgos province, on the Monte Santiago. To get there from Orduña, drive up to the plateau through the Pass of Orduña, and once at the top, after two kilometres on the left there is an outdoor car park with the entrance to the Monte Santiago Natural Monument area, with two further car parks further away from the road.

At the third car park is an Interpretation centre with information about the natural, historical and ethnographical heritage of the area, as well as about the network of paths.

The route that we propose here runs between two viewpoints: the Nervión Falls balcony, with dizzying views over the Delika Gorge, and the Esquina Rubén balcony, which gives a marvellous view of the Orduña and Arrastaria valleys, with the Sierra Sálvada ridge in the background.

The Nervión viewpoint, along with the limestone crags round about, is an excellent site for birding. Here you will see the important colony of vultures that inhabits this spot, flying above the abyss.

Download WikilocCresterío to Txarlazo

The simplest way to walk to the iconic Txarlazo peak, the site of the monument dedicated to the Patron of Orduña; the Virgin of La Antigüa.

On the way, you will see the remarkable Picofraile, or Friar’s Peak, a head-shaped pinnacle that guards the descent towards Tertanga. This rocky needle is a challenge to the climbers of the Basque Country, and was famously surmounted by Ángel Sopeña in 1924. As you pass, peer into the chasm for an overwhelming feeling.

Download Wikiloc Askuren-San Pedro: looking towards Gorobel

Enjoy one of the best views of the valley and the Sierra Sálvada. Let your gaze travel from the Delika Gorge and the Nervión Falls on the left towards Eskutxi, the highest peak of the Gorobel-Sálvada ridge, via Txarlazo, Atezabal, Bedarbide, Tologorri and Ungino.

This is a very easy route that starts in the tiny village of Uzkiano, in the Urkabuztaiz district. There is signage about the Civil War emplacements in homage to those who gave their lives for freedom; the explanatory panels are intended to keep alive the historical memory of what happened here.

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