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Another option for walking to the Nervión Falls is to hike towards them from below, along the Delika Gorge. After a period of rain, the spectacle of the waterfall as you walk is splendid.

This walk is signposted, and is almost circular, with plenty of memorable spots from where you can see the rapids and pools of the river, as well as the plants and animals of this exceptional habitat.

If there have been particularly heavy rains and the river has risen considerably, then the return must be done along the same section of path as the outward hike.

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There are many paths around Orduña or which lead us to the most attractive spots. Some of them begin right in the town centre, and there is no need to take a car to the starting point. Others are just a few minutes by car: from the La Choza picnic area, or from the village of Mendeika. There are so many choices, with ice chambers, dolmens, hillforts, trenches and more.

When it comes to pure nature, we have to talk about the Sierra Sálvada, with its waterfalls, the call of its birds, the beech woods, impressive limestone crags and the peaceful villages at the foot of its cliffs. In Orduña there are a thousand and one options for walking!

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This path begins at the traditional starting point for the walk up Txarlazo, but taking a side road that leads to Tertanga. When you get to this little village, you can see the church and bowling alley. The way back to La Antigua offers wonderful views over the City of Orduña.

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This route follows the better known walk up Txarlazo along the GR284 path. In the shade of the beech trees, so beautifully coloured in autumn, below the walls of the cliffs, this route offers the chance to see species like the peregrine falcon, and the Egyptian and griffon vultures.

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FROM LA CHOZA Download route La Choza route

The pleasant, quiet route is perfect for all the family. It goes past a little waterfall deep in the woods, and if you visit in spring, the return goes through a field of orchids before you reach a nevero, a natural cave once used to store ice.

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This trail climbs the slopes leading up to the Virgin of Orduña, passing near the monument. The path leads through woods of beech and gall oak, and takes you over the worn stones of an old mule path.

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These walks from Mendeika are a great opportunity to take a pleasant hike over high ground, with views into the valleys below.

Korozen route

This is a simple linear walk that gives splendid views of Mendeika with the Sierra Sálvada in the background, and the hills of Babio and Burubio on either side. At the top of the route is an old monument dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

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On this route, if you pay attention as you approach the summit of the hill of Babio, you will notice some remains of an Iron Age hillfort. What is more, if you take a short detour to visit the western slope of the hill, there are Civil War trenches to be seen.

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This path takes you to the summit of the hill of Burubio, which is crowned with the boundary stone marking the limits of the municipalities of Amurrio, Orduña and Ayala. On the way, or on the way back, don’t miss the church of San Miguel and the old bowling alley next to it. This is a great spot to sit and enjoy the views of the Sierra Sálvada.

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Orduña cuenta con dos bonitos paseos que parten desde su casco histórico: La Muera y Landazabala. Descarga el folleto para conocer su recorrido y entra en nuestro canal de wikilock para ver más rutas que te llevarán a descubrir los encantos naturales y culturales de nuestra ciudad.

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