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With our own flavour

The traditions and history of Orduña are also present in the cultivation and elaboration of our culinary offer. We have a menu of gastronomic icons linked to our township, like the perretxiko mushrooms, traditional desserts, our txakoli or the pintxos lining the bars of the old town, ready to revitalise walkers and climbers who are always ready for a drink in Orduña after a spot of mountain exercise.

All this, plus the new facet of local, sustainable ecological produce: jams, juices, eggs, snails, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc...

Home-made cakes and desserts

Strolling through the arches in the main square, you might be assailed by the scents of cakes and desserts, fresh from the oven. Follow your nose and you will find it hard to say no.

Perretxiko, Orduña´s mushroom

Exquisite as well as magic. Have you not tried them yet? Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most searched for, most delicious mushroom, not only in the cuisine of Orduña's, but the Basque Country as a whole.


From the Middle Age to today, Orduña has produced a wine with a special character, a house wine with a difference. Today this locally-produced white wine enjoys the official label of Bizkaiko Txakolina, and is understood to be a fine companion to most of the dishes served in Orduña.

Local, ecological produce

Orduña's primary sector offers more and more quality and variety in healthy, sustainable produce. Would you like to taste some? The first Saturday of every month you can visit the market selling only local produce.


This mainstay of Basque gastronomy is also a firm favourite in the bars of Orduña. Try one or two as you sip your glass of local txakoli.