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Did you know that Orduña is also the name of a river?

It rises in one of the most hidden, out-of-the-way spots in the valley, among the cliffs by the Friar’s Peak in a cave called the Kobahandi.

From there, it descends in a series of rapids and waterfalls down a dramatic and beautiful valley: the Tertanga gorge. It is here that we propose an initiation into this fascinating, enjoyable activity known as canyoning.

Have fun and try your skills in an array of different situations: falls, slides, abseiling, swimming…

If you have never tried canyoning, we recommend that your first excursion be in Tertanga with Dobra Aventura.

The team will guide you on foot along the course of the river, including several vertical drops. No previous experience is required: only that you be able to swim and are in normal physical condition.

Dobra will provide all the necessary equipment: wetsuit, boots, helmet, harness, carabiner and descender.


Slides, jumps, abseiling… a natural waterpark awaits you in one of the valley’s most unexpected places: the beautiful, hidden Tertanga gorge.