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Views to take a better look at

At first sight, Orduña's views point to an immense, impressive landscape; an ever-changing scenery you will want to discover over and over again.

In the beginnings of time, these massive rocky structures rebelled against the static laws of geology and made a pact with the elements and living creatures to stir from their very depths.

Ever since, water, swirling clouds, beech leaves and vultures tumble down into the valley from upon high.

Sálvada mountain range

Orduña enjoys the protection of the Sierra Sálvada range, a formidable natural wall, 25 kilometres long, embodying one of the prettiest picture-postcard views of Biscay and the Basque Country.

This rock stands guard over the Basque territory, from its viewing points and natural look-out posts: Fraideburu, Txarlazo, Txolope, Solaiera, Bedarbide, Iturrigorri, Ungino and Eskutxi.

Hikers climb these peaks to gaze out over the wooded slopes, the meadows and farmsteads in the valleys, and on to lesser hills far in the distance, sure in the knowledge that they are looking at a land full of history and stories.

Nervión falls

They are the most popular, and the most visited, but not the only falls in this mountain range. When roaring at full blast, it is not one but a whole host of cascades gushing from the rock wall. It is indeed an extraordinary spectacle but, as with all extraordinary phenomena, it is not always there when you want it. The cascade normally summons us in times of copious rainfall, so go in search of it in winter and spring, but any time of year is good to visit the panoramic viewing point - and be amazed!

The Bollo - The bun

The ever-changing landscape of the Sierra Sálvada range does not only sport waterfalls, but also cloud-falls. This particular cascade has a very vivid name, the Bun, because of the soft, spongy wave which surfs the slopes, diving down into the valley to caress the roofs of Orduña and Ayala, then turn tail and ride back up to the plateau.

When the Bun appears, Sierra Sálvada is at its most photogenic - beautiful and enigmatic. You can stand at the foot of the mountain range and enjoy a majestic visual spectacle, a spectacle which seems to envelope everything - you included.

Beech wood

Autumn, or "the last of the summer" (Udazkena) as the season is known in Basque, sees the beech trees, still fully clothed, turn from sheltering the rocks with their foliage, to covering them with a leafy cape fallen from their now naked boughs. This is the golden season, when Sálvada offers up the magic of its beech woods. Come and be enchanted by the autumn colours, the ochres and reds, fluttering before your eyes in one of the most beautiful sights of the year.

But do not miss the chance to bathe in the timid colours of spring, the rich greens of summer or the melancholy starkness of winter.

Protecting nature

If Sierra Sálvada is a magical land, then its inhabitants are magical too. Over 200 species of vertebrate live in harmony among the varied local flora.

Some of these creatures camouflage themselves, hiding stock still as you walk by; Alpine newts, salamanders, beech martens and butterflies, and even orchids, whilst birds of prey fly boldly overhead.

Sálvada is a living organism and the flora and fauna are its greatest treasure, enabling it to continue the cycles and rhythms of nature, and enchanting all its visitors.

Birding - Bird watching

Nature-lovers and especially bird-watchers are in for a treat in Orduña. The rich diversity of birdlife in Sierra Sálvada will leave nobody indifferent - open your eyes wide and look around - you are in "Birding Euskadi" territory!