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Never tried this kind of golf?

Let us explain what it consists of, and invite you to our Orduña course located in Arbieto. After trying this sport, most players want to repeat: this is an activity that can get you hooked!

Pitch & putt was created in Ireland in the early 20th century, and this simplified form of golf, which makes the sport accessible and easy to learn, spread quickly.

The sport consists of getting the ball into a hole in the smallest number of strokes, in distances from tee to hole that range between 40 and 90 metres. The activity is named after the two clubs used to strike the ball (one for pitching, and the other for putting), although in competitions, the use of 3 clubs is permitted.

This sport is suitable for almost anyone, and no special physical fitness or skill is required. It is easy to learn, and you can play on your own or in a group. It is ideal for families, groups of friends, or corporate groups.

A round of pitch & putt can be done in a reasonable amount of time, so the sport can be combined with other activities, and it is very economic to participate.

Orduña has an 18-hole course, in spectacular surroundings. Its location above the valley gives it wonderful views of the Orduña area with the impressive Sierra Sálvada in the background.
The course opened in December 2016 and its care and maintenance is done taking into account the surroundings and the environment. Its small size compared to a golf course means that it is a more sustainable sport.

Orduña Pitch & Putt belongs to the Basque Pitch & Putt Association, which in turn belongs to the FIPPA International Federation of Pitch & Putt Associations, Since it opened, it has been hosting Spanish and international tournaments, such as the Open Ibérico, the Five Nations Tournament and the European Team Championship.

Come and try this activity with a friend and enjoy a little good-natured competition!

- OPENING HOURS: from 10:00 am, Wednesday to Sunday.

- REQUIREMENTS: only a willingness to play, everything else provided by the club.

- FEES: Green Fee for 18 holes:

  • Members of Euskadiko Pitch & Putt Elkartea, or other FIPPA associations: 10 €
  • General public : 12 €
  • First Contact initiation session for those who have never tried the sport: 5 €

CONTACT: Urduña Pitch&putt - Bº Arbieto