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Balloon flight

Is there a better way to see the landscapes around Orduña than from a bird’s eye view? Experience the tranquillity of a balloon flight, camera in hand.

If you have always dreamed of hovering above the earth and experiencing the views open up as you rise above the ground, then a balloon flight is what you are looking for. Your ascent will offer the curious sensation of everyday life shrinking into the distance.

With its spectacular topography and location at the confluence of two climate zones, Orduña is one of the peninsula’s oldest and most famous balloon flight locations. The Sierra Sálvada ridge, with its peculiar geological formations, forms the ideal backdrop for this aerial sport.

Our valley could hardly be more ideal for ballooning. It offers the unique chance to see the medieval town’s old quarter from above. This is the very place where, after your flight, you can visit its historical monuments, and enjoy some fine food and drink and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

You will see some unbeatable views of the Arrastaria and Orduña valleys, where, in rainy seasons, the Iberian Peninsula’s highest waterfall, the Nervión Falls, adds something special.

Such a panorama is a privilege normally only available to the vultures and raptors of the crags of the Gibijo and Sálvada ridges.


This specialist company has been organizing balloon flights for longer than 30 years. With over a thousand flights undertaken, they will make your dream come true with this incredible, unforgettable experience.

In the silence of the morning air, you will float up to an altitude of 1000 metres, and the wind will gently guide you over this breathtaking landscape.

Globos Estratos has AESA (the Spanish State Air Safety Agency) authorization for the operation of tourism flights, advertising and aerial photography.

Get in touch so you can talk about your needs: an exclusive group for two people? A small or family group? Or a larger number of people?

Don’t forget your camera or mobile phone!

The activity includes a glass of cava or txakoli (the local white wine) and a hamaiketako (which is the Basque word for morning snack).